Anybody out there?

We can’t believe it, our very own blog! Shall we jump up and down excitedly or play it cool? Whichever one – it will be authentic, and it will be US!

Because that’s what our work is all about: We are a start-up young team from Perth, Australia, working on 42BYTES in our free time. Out goal is to bring you awesome new FREE mini games for your mobiles.

We aren’t after the big bucks (although we won’t deny it – earning some money on the side sounds nice), but we want to give you flawless, REAL games, simple but well-developed. We also decided to start sharing our journey now, from the very start; And not when we already have our logos, design etc. “Life is a journey, not a destination.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

We will release some information around our very first game SOON, including some goodies and bonuses for our first followers.

Let’s hope this idea stays alive out there – it certainly has been in our heads for a while… Follow us and our journey on Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch!

Cya soon, mates!

Marc and Carolin

42… no…. 2 BYTES hard at work