MOK alpha 2 released

Hi folks,

the next alpha version of MOK is released. If you installed MOK before it should automatically update shortly. If you did not install it before, feel free to download it here:

And as always, Feedback is very welcome, here is a short form to capture your thoughts about MOK:

Aaand if you played MOK before, here is a list of all things that changed since last time:

– Improved ship controls (tap above ship possible)
– Added “Exit” button to start menu
– Added “Credits” button and page to start menu
– Added “Menu” button to world map
– Added sound to all buttons
– Added background music to each level
– Arrow to show direction to next dude
– Ship can break now even from level 1
– Ship starts to smoke before it breaks
– The mechanic will repair your ship – even faster with a wrench
– Removed SOOMLA package
– Added Unity Ads
– Added Unity Analytics
– Added Unity In-App Purchases
– Added Unity Crashreports
– Positioning all dudes correctly to the floor
– Improved 2D collider detection for all levels
– Adjusted maximum achievable scores for all level
– Ship crashed when time runs out

Happy MOKking everyone!




MOK alpha released

Hi folks,

long time no see, right? Was a busy time lately but we finally were able to release a new alpha for MOK. Everyone is more than welcome to give MOK a try! All you need is an Android phone…


Get the alpha version on Google play:


And please submit feedback here (we love feedback!):

MOK alpha feedback form


This alpha version (0.6) contains the first world, a total of 9 levels, 5 friends to pick up and a timer and friend counter. No music or decent sound yet and everything still a bit work in progress – don’t forget, it’s an alpha 🙂

The first world is supposed to be easy (one should learn how to fly) but we challenge you to get 3 stars in each level… The next world (not included in this alpha) will be harder and you will be able to actually crash your ship – and more. Stay tuned!


Thanks everyone for testing MOK!











MOK – our beloved crash-test alien!

G’Day all!

Out of all the game ideas that 42BYTES (Y-Byte mainly) has, it is hard to pick which one to pursue first. We decided for DIGGER because we both love the concept and saw a lot of potential in trying out new programs. And of course we find, it’s great to play! 🙂

Now as DIGGER is sort of our baby, obviously we don’t want to stuff it up. That’s why we decided to bring out a mini game first to test the waters.

And although this game started out purely as a crash test dummy, we came to love it!

It’s designed entirely in pencil and it’s about a cute little alien called MOK who is picking up his alien friends to attend a party.

MOK with his space ship
MOK with his space ship

The player is responsible to navigate the alien ship through different worlds (spiky field of thorns, moving bubbles etc) and tries to land beside his friends who excitedly jump up and down and then join him in his little ship.

The whole game design is in black and white pencil except for the “fire” coming out of the rocket jets and the ship can only be navigated upwards and to the sides.

The goal is to get to the alien friend as fast as possible. The less time it takes the player, the more points he gets in the end. Those points will be reduced if the landings were more than ungraceful or if the ship bumps into obstacles.

MOK is picking up a friend (early draft)
MOK is picking up a friend (early draft)

The navigation part is tricky because the rocket fuel keeps the ship moving; if you navigate to the right and release the button, the ship will continue to the right for some time depending on how long you pushed the button in the first place. Brakes are non-existent (much to the delight of X-Byte, the speed lover).

It was a nice change from the usual routine of spending the whole game dev process at the computer. Actually sitting down and doodling around is quite relaxing (especially for those nerdy eyes). We had way too much fun trying to come up with new characters – there will be lots more to meet in the final version of the game.

Three of MOK's extensive group of friends in need of a ride
Three of MOK’s extensive group of friends in need of a ride

We hope we will be able to release this “crash test dummy” soon. It’s our pioneer game to test the different app stores and their hurdles. You can only read so much about it, at some stage you just have to take the plunge and we got a bit defensive of DIGGER. To be honest, the same is starting to happen with MOK, we’re sure the game developers out there agree. 😉

But that is what this is all about, and we know we will fall or stumble at some stage, as long as we get started and seek out new life and new civila… no, wait, that’s from somewhere else…

Have a great day guys,