MOK alpha released

Hi folks,

long time no see, right? Was a busy time lately but we finally were able to release a new alpha for MOK. Everyone is more than welcome to give MOK a try! All you need is an Android phone…


Get the alpha version on Google play:


And please submit feedback here (we love feedback!):

MOK alpha feedback form


This alpha version (0.6) contains the first world, a total of 9 levels, 5 friends to pick up and a timer and friend counter. No music or decent sound yet and everything still a bit work in progress – don’t forget, it’s an alpha 🙂

The first world is supposed to be easy (one should learn how to fly) but we challenge you to get 3 stars in each level… The next world (not included in this alpha) will be harder and you will be able to actually crash your ship – and more. Stay tuned!


Thanks everyone for testing MOK!











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